He isn’t different… he’s just another you, actually a better part of you. Most of the time his sheer confidence and approach towards the roughest and toughest problems of life is considered as audacity and craziness. He lives as if there is no tomorrow. He’s inside us and has been pushed in d shallow of fear of losing our comfortable position of today which may be of no significance tomorrow but still we fight for it not knowing what our real aspirations are , follow the crowd because they are meant to be sane . The path which has not existed should not be even thought of, is what our tenacity towards the life is. This is where a true believer begs to differ, his positivity is sky high and his tranquility is more sacred than the calmest of monks. He can wait but only for results , if he finds them positive he builds his path on them and if he fails he still holds a deep satisfaction that he has found a path which doesn’t leads to the place desired and works out his strategy as smoothly as the spider out of its own web . He doesn’t waits for the doors to open or things to happen, he’s an enthusiast and acts like one. He mocks and prods at the petty problems of life, singing his own tune of courage and might. He falls and is not afraid of getting hurt , because even the stone which made his slip would be a material of use in building a new path which is full of light . Some say a leader is born and some say that leaders are made but the truth is – a person becomes leader the moment he starts doubting the strength of the problems and breaks into them with confidence and enthusiasm of a child. Problems are as big as they are imagined to be; he who believes in his ability is a true audiophile of the music called life, a person of hard shell and a soften pulp inside 🙂 🙂