The feeling of one being obsolete and outdated occurs at the Food table ,People around you laugh loud as if they are experiencing the ultimate joke of their lives. Even the most hilarious standup comedians would get envious seeing that kind of enlightened audience .Many of us don’t know how to stuff the entire wheat made bun inside the mouth without the sticky cheese and mustard dropping from the corners . The irony being that you are a Indian and you dress up in your best clothes , get to the nearest American Junk Food Center to show that you are perfectly in times with the current Trend and laugh at your fellow Indian for not knowing the table etiquette of Eating a Stuff which in it self’s meant to be a Food for a Slobby kinda Person.But this has become a vogue thanks to the level of so called globalization which has made quite an impact on us especially on the youth in the metros , ‘THE METRO VOGUE’ . Come on guys do we even think what we are doing ?? I’ll tell you , NO !! we aren’t . We have Tied layers of blindfolds around our COMMON SENSE and following what the AMERICANS want us to do . This isn’t ] only with Food , food is just one of the best examples which can be easily cited and stated for a better understanding . Why do We need an “APPLE” , when things can be easily and afford ably “SPICEd” up with the “MICROes and “MAXes of India . Buying N Being Indian isn’t cheap!!! I thought we are proud of it …. Aren’t we ??!! But We do say it whenever there arises a Question which says “HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY?? ” Its easy taking pride  , but how far we realise that we aren’t making our country proud by buying things which aren’t indian .” Lets keep our too trendy to be Indian ” and ” I’m urban ”  approach little far from deying our “COMMON SENSE ” and give little space to “THE INDIANNESS ” inside us .