It has always been a big struggle for the ordinary man whose monthly salary isn’t that big to afford the electricity bill for using an Air-conditioner and he still sees the likes of A.C as an added luxury which only the rich people should and can afford . Today I was on my own to the RTO office where everyone regardless of the Social echelons comes once in a while to get their license and vehicles certified . It was pain to see that “OUR COMMON MAN ” who spends most of his already meager salary on the routine and basic expenditure of living going through the likes of middleman and brokers to get the necessary “PAPERS” . I was really astonished to see that people are ready to spend almost double the actual amount for something which doesn’t takes up a lot of time and it does show the trust and confidence “OUR COMMON MAN ” has on the Government and its complicated procedures . The bottom-line being that in spite of spending on the ads of anti-corruption bureau and RTI’s , the government is still light years away  from gaining the trust bank of the MAN , our very own “Common Man ” . I realize that the Government needs desperately to win hearts rather than showing superficial growth on the covers of magazines to attract the Foreign Investments . Its not the investment which our country needs , all we need is proper co-ordination between the government and the Common Man , everything else will automatically fall into its respective place. The entire blame is not only on the Governing body but also on us , who don’t give chance for the Government to do what its trying to (or) at-least what it has been saying to do . Why to go through the middleman who lobbies and corrupts the entire system ? its because we give ..they stretch their hands and the people say “GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPTED“. Lets give them a chance , basically because everyone deserves one !!!Unless we start Believing in the good , the good isn’t going to happen . On the Government Front , it needs to establish a “body ” which in real sense answers the grievances of “The Common Man“. I say this because we all know how the present’ grievance Kiosks’ at the Government offices work . Why don’t the Government advertise like the private players about their various schemes ?? I have been trying to analyze and find answer for this particular question for some time , but with very little success . I’m not trying to advocate and say that the Government’s is immaculate , its not even close to that …the question’s why we don’t want it to be ??

CHANGE needs awakening 🙂