ObsCure (video game)
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I’m writing this post just after reading a very great quote by someone who I believe found his inner self. It’s a very intricate yet simple truth .All our life we keep absorbing things and get influenced by others .We don’t even try Exploring What we truly are , but there are people who come out of their comfort zone and take initiatives towards their quest of finding their inner self and I relate to such a crowd . I’m young and like numerous others of my age horrified, aghast and amazed at the simple matters of life which in a broader sense have no significance. Thus making the entire moment of search more obscure and of least efficiency. For instance how many of us just for being called nature lovers look up in the night sky and say that the stars are beautiful?? Did someone tell you to check them out?? They have been there for ages and would prolong for another millennium. Either there is something called Finding or Creating. Stuck between these two things are our real self. We want every moment of our living to be fruitful and then it turns out to be a thought which someone instilled in our brains??!! I categorize the ultimate end of this search to be of three broad classifications 1.Created 2. Found 3.Suppressed. Contemplating at the possibilities someone who ultimately finds his inner self is someone who has created his own path by means of true inner realization. Inner realization comes from a mind which dares to pay no heeds to the worldly facts and trivia. But in this pursuit it does learn and grow from the past made mistakes. A mind which thinks It shall learn from doing a mistake and treads the path which has failed would land nowhere .There is a time frame for everything because the one thing which is ultimately very superior is that we are mortals and we cannot afford to live for an eternity .Every minute of living is all about learning and Committing new mistakes and if your mistakes are truly new, then it does mean you are nearing the possibility where you’ll find your true self  or in a paradoxical sense you have taken a wrong route which is still good because now you have created a route which never existed . Thus you have created you inner self .Obscurity surrounds the context and it shall always be like this, yet it clears some of the truth I have been searching. The last Classification is where there is no point of return and the worldly affairs have corrupted the mind so much that it starts thinking that the life one is living was always perceived by it ,thus destroying the purpose of living on the whole.  Inner truth like everything else has numerous projections, interpretations, perspectives and possibilities. Though I don’t entirely agree with the following quote but respect it from ‘being inspired ‘ contemplation. The quote goes as “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself-George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).”