Shadows in the late afternoon.
Shadows in the late afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had a Shadow in my mind ,
For years have been hunting for it .

Every Shadow which fell in my way ,
I assumed it to be her ,
May be out of Desperation.

Days passed by ,
As i was nearing my quest
I realized that the shadow was never true.

Would have given up the search
Assuming there was nothing to Win
So still I don’t lose anything at all .

But there came the Moment
When She Knocked my door ,
I didn’t Know she was the one
Casting the mesmerizing Shadow in my mind .

But When I saw the person
I was Sure of one happy hunt coming to an end.

Beautiful, Fast .
Never the ‘Move on’ types
Rather the type who could move hills for me
With No Second thoughts protruding from her mind .

Beautiful , Nice
Whatever word you Compliment a Shadow with ,
It shall Always remain an escapist .

The harder you try to embrace and hold her tight ,
the faster she would vanish into the darkdom,
Never to be detected again .

But I let her loose ,
I let her walk into the Dark ,
So that when the light comes up again
She would unhesitatingly Walk long
and come again to be mine ,
If not for always
someday sure for forever.