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March 2013

Incase you hav missed it 🙂

Dhiraj Kumar Singh

He isn’t different… he’s just another you, actually a better part of you. Most of the time his sheer confidence and approach towards the roughest and toughest problems of life is considered as audacity and craziness. He lives as if there is no tomorrow. He’s inside us and has been pushed in d shallow of fear of losing our comfortable position of today which may be of no significance tomorrow but still we fight for it not knowing what our real aspirations are , follow the crowd because they are meant to be sane . The path which has not existed should not be even thought of, is what our tenacity towards the life is. This is where a true believer begs to differ, his positivity is sky high and his tranquility is more sacred than the calmest of monks. He can wait but only for results , if he…

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Reasons To believe – Android is the Future

I remember a few years back when RIM used to be the ultimate smartphone destination. Smartphones were Treasure rarely found in hands, things have drastically changed since then. Blackberry phones are now considered if not obsolete then definitely not in vogue either. That is what tight programming environment can lead to. Android has taken over the technological world by storm. So where does Android Score over other competitors? It’s definitely about the programming environment and the freedom which Google has rendered to programmers after its acquisition of Android Inc in 2005.  A company from being a search provider went on to become a multinational and multi product industry and an OS from no where turned into a head turner threatening major mobile players like Nokia and Apple into rethinking and strategizing their products. Other Os providers have lacked the vision; whereas Google has foresighted the far future where real life seamlessly integrates with the virtual world. Leaving no stones unturned in connecting every living aspect with the web. Sooner or later if other companies still hold tight and believe in being conservative with their technologies Google would walk into a monopoly leaving no other technology to survive. Every great technology has become greater and managed to survive by only being flexible over its programming environment. The biggest example of this can be related with the emergence of Facebook which now has gone to an extent to become a verb in our dictionaries .History is full of examples where great technologies like palm have been slaughtered and doomed into extinction. Getting into technical details of Android, Android is a Linux-based OS which can be freely modified and distributed by developers. Android Application development on itself has emerged into a multi million industry letting thousands of students and programmers reaping benefit from developing and uploading their applications on web. Android apps can be downloaded from Google’s exclusive Application Store ‘Google Play’ which caters the need of wide range of users providing them options to choose from a plethora of both freeware and paid applications.  Further Contemplating on Android Technology, It has created a wide space where new companies venture every day and has created a market where programmers and manufacturers are not bound by developing constraints at the same time giving the users an experience of endless excitement . Android is slowly turning into a headsman for companies like Apple which till now have enjoyed a comfortable market space.  Some may consider it an understatement but the recent efforts by Apple to trail into developing its own map and GPS software has shown its incapability and vulnerability of being a completely self-dependent and a tightly bound conservative Company.

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