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May 2013

Why do people s…

Why do people say phrases like ” chase your dreams ” or “make your dream come true ” when the truth is everyday you dream new and better than the previous one and this chase of being better from tomorrow never actually ends . So ultimately what’s the point of chasing something which never really is going to be caught 😛 ?!

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Everything in t…

Everything in this world has been created for a purpose , and when you find it difficult to relate to one definite purpose then start believing that you have been created for a greater cause with a much greater purpose which is beyond understanding and description .

you may always …

you may always find ways to make people smile but it doesn’t necessarily means it makes them Happy .. Happiness is altogether an inside thing .. which has its origin from within !

I Stand At The Junction……


I stood there for four years now,

Thinking, embracing, loathing at the same time

Recreating the few moments of joy in my mind.  


Though the place wasn’t the kind

You’ll fall in love with.

But I got so much absorbed in the day to day activities,

That now when I leave the place  

I feel I lost my position of comfort and easy fame behind.


I stand at the junction where I stood four years ago,

The only difference being the circumstances

Four years ago I stood der as novice,

But now I stand there with much elegance and poise.


Still nothing has changed,

I stand there with a similar frame in the mind.


Which is empty and demanding to be filled

With a beautiful but still uncertain picture inside.


The picture gets created and recreated with every possible thought

And destroyed by conflict of thoughts and a deep abstract, absurd insight.



People have been party and some made it as a part of my inside.

They danced, loved, created joy and like a passing cloud left within a while.


The point isn’t who they were and how longer they stayed

It’s the little mark which they have left.


I still stand at the juncture where there are many like me standing beside,

I don’t know them, neither do they

But they have the same frame of mind.


I’m no different but still special from the rest.

Just need the break and the clarity of perspective,

Which would help me to create the picture of my uncertain frame.


I try escaping the juncture of thoughts

But it’s not that easy to fight, especially

When you have every possibility of God given skill

To deal with and making it difficult to choose the path

Which could be right.


But I still fight,

In the hope of making it right.

If not today, but definitely someday

When I fail and still have courage to walk back to the juncture

To start the fight again with little hesitation and lot of might.


                                                  ———– Dhiraj Kumar K ( Naw an engineer J )

An eye for Deta…

An eye for Details is always an asset , but too much of it will bring nothing but visions of imperfections in everything around you .

 Perfection isn’t something which always makes things beautiful , its just makes them Perfect !

Things aren’t m…

Things aren’t meant to end the way you think , so never brood over them basically because you weren’t the one who planned them in the first place .. the secret to well being is living in the moment and making evry1 of it count .

Life doesn’t of…

Life doesn’t offers you chances to win , it just presents you with opportunities to compete .

Hard work isn’t…

Hard work isn’t only about being focused and sweating hard to meet targets , its also about trying and finding ways how one’s efforts could lead to failures & being different from people who have already lost . Its more of a learning curve and failing doesn’t means the end of the world , rather its the learning which has been derived counts !

Success is not …

Success is not rendezvous , It has no specific time o place .. For sme it may b a gradual journey for others it is an unplanned event !!

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