It’s really astonishing when I look back at those five days. About two hundred unknown faces sitting next to each other and then someone cracks an ultimate joke n all the sullen faces light up. Sweet abuses fill up the conversations and begins relationships which may prolong for some for a life time. Then life has its own way of separating sweethearts. Few of the only known faces you brought with you are screened out and now you’re destined to stay with twenty nine idiots who are grandly referred as ‘GENTLEMEN’ completely different from each other yet compassionately adaptable and willing to embrace each other despite being competitors. Wishing each other success without the slightest of envy in the heart. Few with their aspirations and hope lying in the next few day’s result and few like me for a crash course on ‘if this’s destined to be me ‘. GTO’s and all the different to remember test drills come to an end. The last few hours of the starting of a life time bonding regardless of the results, still occupied with ‘behan nd maa ki’ abuses but taking nothing to the heart.  Wishing everyone luck and praying for each other’s success at the same time ready and strong enough to embrace the result whatever it might be. Strongest of the young people land here and they more than anyone else know that there has always been a chance and not hitting into the target is the setting of a better and higher target. Life just pause doesn’t come to an end. Between the moment of nervousness and ultimate chest numbers to be declared still goes on d ‘maa ki n behaan ki’ abuses, happy faces all around. A bi spectacled guy comes up and gives the usual bla bla speech and announces the result, only two in out of the twenty nine super humans. Haven’t lost anything, just have given way to two really aspiring and deserving people chance to prove themselves. Hugs n teary abuses again , shouting at the ex-fellow mates  and now subjected with  a new but really boring term ‘recommended’ to make the chance count and better hit the bull’s eye just because we really need to see you there . Few of the best moments of life come at the most boring of places and this one at army selection center, Allahabad.Image