Have you ever wondered what the early daylight says to us when it peeps through the train’s gateway having a poetic pattern yet no uniform pattern or not a pattern at all, to the way it convenes itself to us. It sings a song of freedom, that true liberty lies being curbed sometimes. The gigantic fire ball, sun could burn the entire universe but still it does not giving a perfect example of how power which is not corruptive is constructive to an entire range of living beings from tiny micros to gigantic macros . It doesn’t distinguish among its people, it is us who have partitioned the universe; to the further even our own kind into rich, poor, religion biases and etc. This Planet of ours gets light regardless of any biases yet we humans overlook this small detail of the almighty and fight over his name for selfish benefits. Hope we learn our lessons from the sun’s abstract yet definite poetry of power which displays the true fundamentals of building an organised structure of ethereal quality.