When everything in life takes a toll ,
What stands holdin us strong nd tall ?

When d journey called life goes no whr ,
what keeps our senses seemingly hopeful n aware ?

Remember the times when we had no whr 2 go aft d nite hangouts
thr was dis guy waitin 4r us al nite .

When our love lives took a complete troll against us,
who held our hand n cried together wid us ?

We thank the shopkeeper who charges us for d provision we bought ,
But have we thanked the guy who throws flakes of kindness @ us without ny thought ?

Everytime i see i’m losing ,
he stands thr n smiles sayin it jus a passin phase nd nothing .

No wrds wud ever be enuf to say ,
haw important they hav been 4r us .

Someday in life we may move apart ,
But still , i knw u’l b thr 4r me wid no expectations cart .

Those treats for flunkin d exams occupy d sweetest of memories evr,
mre dan the biggest of my victories .

The mst imp thing in life is finding love ,
it is sed tat its rarely found .
But who cares when we have a bunch of idiots fooling around nd never 4r a minute making us realise dis flaw in our lives .

One day wen i hav a kid ,
I’l preach him jus one thing ,
That never in life give up on ur “FRIENDS” 4r nything .
They may evn nt b thr 2 help u out of a crisis
but they’l always b thr wen u are broken ,
when thr’s a sharper bend
To help u navigate to a better nd a deserving destination .
Because a friend is one who knows yo mre dan u wud evr knw urself . Image