Death , the ultimate truth of life . Live life as if there is no tomorrow !

Dhiraj Kumar Singh

Death is such an irreplaceable and an inexplicable feeling. One who has never had a loved one depart would never understand. I personally fall in one such category. It was a havoc seeing my friend cry and weep over his dad’s death. I have never realized an emotion as true as that. His entire family depending on the old man now cries over their uncertainty, missing all the glorified days of togetherness. I guess that’s what death does. It doesn’t just take our loved ones away from us but also gives rise to memories which would always remain in the mind bringing sour and haunting uncertainties .

I wish I could live forever and this wish of mine brings inhibitions, a lot of inhibitions. It doesn’t let me take risk and stops me exploring my ghosts. In spite of all the negatives which death brings, it does teach us one…

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