Contemplating, thinking and reminding.
Contemplating, thinking and reminding.

Every day I grow Stronger and better than yesterday,

But in the course I also lose a little of me every day, in the pursuit of being the best.

I shed my original being to be someone.

Why not take a shed, lay back and enjoy what I cannot be.

Appreciate people rather being envious.

An odd day with a realistic realization that I cannot be everything and everyone.

There are times and always will be, when I’ll be frustrated at the failures and imperfections of being me.

That is why I mimic, imitate and follow someone for a little appreciation that would have no significance on my tomorrow.

Even if it has to do, what is the point of being successful (or) du I call it better version of someone?

Why to mask the original me? Who I bet no one else can be.

Why to lose such uniqueness of being someone whose divinity and uniqueness cannot be rightly penned down?

Why to be an adulterated version of an imperfect someone?

Why aren’t all humans clones? If that was to be the purpose of being on this planet.

May be I know the answer of all these questions, but then why do I even need the answers?

Is not life supposed to be an entity perhaps a process which needs to have an objective?

Why do I chase such questions, if there can be only one possible end.

Doesn’t a singular objective make life a fact and not answers to mind’s fuzzy questions?

I can contemplate all day and write about it.

But does that provide me a constant state of mind or even an answer?

Let’s face it, One day I’ll be famous and rich,

But will I be me?

Ten years down when I read it,

I hope I don’t regret of being a copy or a version of someone who has pre-existed.

I so want to be me, a failure of few times but still a perfectly imperfect me.