When I started I thought “I’m lost”.

But when things started to make sense, I felt there isn’t anything as good as”being lost”.

Days passed by and I realized there isn’t a destination so how could one get “lost”.

Contemplating, if life is to be taken serious stuck my head “hard”.

With intricate and meaningful yet void thoughts.

I wandered in a vain search for motive which again wasn’t my motive at all.

Felt everything which crossed my way and few which were pretty across.

In search of something which never had a form yet real but not physical and definite.

I fell in love or I think I did, which again is neither a feeling to be attached nor to get you feel desolated.

Love wasn’t a person or place.

Love with little deeds of fallacy and day to day comforts.

With an unheard, abstract and unobtrusive undertone,

I have a complete turmoil, an inter-conflicting battle in my head.

They say, the biggest battles are fought and won in solitude.

I do that in the silence of the mind.

I beg not be heard, neither to be tried.

It isn’t a just to underlay my thoughts and go for the superficial life outside.

I need to go and follow my unfinished dreams which will always remain that way.

The day I finish them,

It would either be for for comforting my mind or owing to the fact that I lost myself

In trying to be just and finding valid answers for life and its purpose.