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October 2015

It’s just “The Truth”

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After a long time, I decided to watch videos on youtube. I have always been a fan of the works by channels like AIB, TVF and Putchutney. What disappoints me is the content. I think we are drifting away from solving the issue of gender discrimination towards creating a misandrist society. Most of the videos are based on guys being creepy and idiots.

Our noble hearted people are taking feminism to an extreme where it rather being a solution for problems is turning out to a threatening menace. The candle light marches, the respect your women campaign is all done to bring in equality, not to pull the status of men down. But, we as a collective society are subconsciously doing that. The other day, I saw these series of posters on facebook and one specific poster said ‘A woman smiling at you doesn’t mean she is interested’, then why…

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The First Deal .. No Big Deal!!


Sometimes you got to do it, no matter if you really know it or not. For years, the hesitation and doubts of venturing into a new territory overpowered the sense of practicality that everything needs to start somewhere. There’s a little regret that this realization has come a little late than it should have. Nevertheless, the experience of transition from inside a shell to a guy who can talk a deal in the middle of the sleep has been nothing less than exciting. From the long-hauling and emotionally excruciating hours of sitting in front of a desktop and doing the “IT” work to standing in front of a 70+ crowd and talking to them about the ‘The Next Big Thing’ has been a much needed transformation.

For a guy who’s in a constant rush to see the unknown, this has been one of the defined and planned out goals. I’m…

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