In a process to outgrow my past self.

From inside a shell called “Pride” to embracing “I’m not so great”.

Life hasn’t been cruel to me while teaching the hard lessons.

Taught myself to smile no matter how bad situations turn.

Learnt not to brood for people who aren’t going to be there.

Not ashamed to cry for what I believe should not be done.

In a process, to change the world around me.

With a combination of smile and sky-high positivity or call it “Audacity”.  Who cares ?

In love with what I’m … ( “What I’m” is always going to be a sentence neither with “?” nor with a “.”)

Learn, try, fail and grow – that’s my full-time job.

If a phrase called “Extrovertly introvert” is ever devised that would perfectly fit me.

From being “Cool” and guising under  a “Handsome Vampire” look. 😛

Atleast, that’s what all my “ex(s)” had to say.

I’m not what I look or what I do.

The only definite answer for what I’ll always be is “A learner”.

A learner for life, a human inside and “impatient” guy contrary to my name is what I’m truly inside.